YDG President Steve Golden on Student Loan Rate Increase

June 27, 2013

On July 1, thanks to Republican obstructionism, student loan rates are set to double.  Republicans are continuing to put petty politics over the 7 million young Americans like me who rely on these loans to finance their education.  Look, here’s the facts.  The House GOP is prioritizing Wall Street fatcats over students.  We are the future, and our economy cannot recover unless we continue to have a well-educated workforce.  And we’re not going to have a well-educated workforce if college becomes this more unattainable.


Join me in telling Congress Don’t Double My Rate!  Then, contact your member of Congress to bring the message home.


If Congress fails to act, Georgia students will have to pay nearly $1,000 more on average to fund already increasing tuition costs.  The Young Democrats of Georgia will continue to fight against the House Republicans, but we can’t do it alone.  We need all Georgia Democrats to fight with us.


Steve Golden

President, Young Democrats of Georgia

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