With Georgia “Running Out Of Time” On COVID Response, Kemp Bans Mask Orders Keeping Georgians Safe

July 16, 2020

Georgia “Headed For A Crisis” As Kemp Bans The Public Health Guidance That Would Slow The Spread

ATLANTA – Today, after performing for Donald Trump’s ego at a campaign stop, Brian Kemp took his dangerous disregard for human life one step further by explicitly banning the mask orders that mayors across Georgia have enacted to keep their cities safe from the spread of coronavirus.

Public health experts and medical professionals have said that mask mandates are one of the most effective methods to stop the skyrocketing spread of COVID-19, which is why Georgia cities and other states with Republican governors including Texas and Alabama have enacted them. Kemp’s reckless disregard for public health guidance means hospitals will run out of beds sooner and our already-high case numbers will grow exponentially as the state is already “headed for a crisis.”.

“More Georgians will die because of Brian Kemp’s actions tonight, but he doesn’t seem to care,” said Nikema Williams, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgia mayors showed leadership when they enacted mask orders to protect their citizens while the state government did nothing. Kemp muzzled local power in order to do Trump’s bidding at the expense of Georgia families’ health and safety. We are running out of time — Georgians need help, not callous cruelty to please a failing President.”


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