With 23 Days Until A GOP Shutdown, Sen. Ossoff Urges Georgia Republicans to Put Partisan Politics Aside & Try Bipartisanship

October 25, 2023

On day 22 of Republican chaos grinding the U.S House of Representatives to a halt, and with a GOP-caused government shutdown less than a month away, Senator Jon Ossoff called on Georgia House Republicans to put partisan politics aside and address pressing issues for Georgians by trying bipartisanship.

“Internal Republican Party chaos in the House of Representatives and their refusal to embrace bipartisanship threaten our economy and weaken our country,” Senator Jon Ossoff said.

How a Republican shutdown would threaten our economy and weaken our country:

  • Nearly 64,000 Georgia service members could be forced to work without pay
  • Thousands of Georgians who are federal civilian employees could be forced to work without pay
  • A shutdown would furlough hundreds of thousands of civilian workers in the Department of Defense amid multiple international crises


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