Why on Earth Are Republicans Proud of Climate Science Denial?

April 22, 2015

This Earth Day, two things are clear—manmade climate change is very real, and the GOP presidential hopefuls are in denial about it.


Here’s where the 2016ers stand on climate change science:



DPG Chairman DuBose Porter issued the following statement –


“Earth Day is an opportunity for us to look around and appreciate the natural beauty we’ve been blessed with. This day should remind us to do everything possible to protect our state’s precious natural resources.


“Unfortunately, climate change really does present an imminent threat to our planet. Yet, most Republicans would rather bury their heads in the sand than acknowledge facts. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that warming trends are likely manmade—these are the experts on the subject. But Republicans would rather maintain denial on the matter that, in my opinion, is only motivated by political expediency.


“President Obama said it best—‘We only get one planet.’ Well, we only get one Georgia. We can choose to protect our marshlands in the south, the mountains in the north, and the rivers and streams that join them throughout our state. We can also seek new ways to develop sustainable energy. Or we can continue with the GOP plan to poison and pollute our precious land and people without any regulation just for short-term profit’s sake.


“For Earth’s sake, let’s choose the path that protects the land we’ve been entrusted with.”


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