White House Budget Backs Perdue’s Push to Put Safety Net Programs on the Chopping Block

February 10, 2020

ATLANTA — Today, Senator David Perdue’s ongoing effort to put safety net programs on the chopping block got a new boost from President Donald Trump’s budget proposal that would slash billions from critical programs like Medicare and Social Security Disability Insurance, as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid.

Perdue and the White House both have a long history of trying to gut critical programs that Georgia families rely on. Trump’s last budget already called for nearly $2 trillion in cuts to vital programs like these while Perdue previously railed against critical earned benefits that middle-class families have worked hard for, saying Social Security and Medicare spending is “the problem” and blaming them for “causing this debt.”

What’s worse, Perdue and his Washington Republican allies are trying to put these crucial programs on the chopping block after pushing a deficit-busting corporate tax giveaway that added nearly $2 trillion to the national debt and “trimmed a year of solvency from the primary Medicare trust fund and had a negative effect on the Social Security trust fund.” Now, they’re ready to stick Georgians with the bill for their reckless agenda.

“Senator David Perdue will stop at nothing to put crucial health care and disability benefit programs for Georgia families on the chopping block, and today’s White House budget puts him one step closer to this long-held goal,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians need a senator who will fight for them and the benefits they’ve worked hard for, not a Washington Republican like Perdue who puts corporate tax breaks ahead of Georgia families.”


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