While Georgians’ Livelihoods Hang in the Balance, Republicans Block Economic Progress at Every Turn

September 29, 2021

Today, Republican lawmakers in Washington are continuing to put their hypocrisy on full display and playing politics with America’s future by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP are gambling with the well-being of millions of Georgians in order to bolster their own partisan agenda once again this year, disregarding the livelihoods of many of our state’s most vulnerable families and putting our economic recovery in danger. 

As President Biden, Senators Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, and Georgia’s House Democrats work to build our economy back and finally defeat the pandemic, Republicans have shown time and time again that they would rather be a roadblock to economic progress than put aside the political games and fight for working families. If Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican Senate field, or any member of the Georgia GOP had their way, Georgians would not have seen the historic relief from Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. Yet, just this week, Kemp did a 180 degree flip and announced that Georgia’s first responders will receive a bonus using funding from the relief package he opposed.

“It’s time for Republicans to stop playing political games with Georgians’ lives,” said Rhyan Lake, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgia families are worried about tackling the pandemic and getting back on their feet as our economy continues to recover, yet the GOP is putting millions of livelihoods at risk by actively blocking funding to keep our government operating. Senate Republicans must put aside these cruel and unnecessary maneuvers and join Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.”


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