WHERE’S WALKER? Herschel “Disappear[s]” On Georgia

November 29, 2022

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Walker hasn’t taken a question since early October from the reporters covering his campaign in Georgia”

Newsweek: “A week of absence from the campaign trail”

With just a week left in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff election, news coverage is highlighting how Herschel Walker “hasn’t taken a question since early October from the reporters covering his campaign” as he “is out of sight” and “disappearing” from Georgia voters. 

It has now been more than 42 days since Herschel Walker took a question from anyone but the most friendly conservative media outlets, doubling down on his strategy of hiding from Georgians’ concerns and refusing to answer even a single basic question on the trail. Walker’s inability to answer even the most basic policy questions on the campaign trail, and his failure to address his damning pattern of lies, scams, and disturbing conduct, prove once again that he is unfit for office.

See what Georgia voters are reading about Walker’s “disappearing” act:

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Jolt: Warnock rallies weekend voters, but Walker is out of sight. “U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock hardly took any time off for Thanksgiving break, headlining six separate events scattered across metro Atlanta this weekend to pump up weekend voting. Meanwhile, Herschel Walker, his Republican opponent, hasn’t had a public event since last Tuesday.”

  • Newsweek: Herschel Walker Holds First Rally After Disappearing for a Week. “Warnock continued to campaign over the Thanksgiving holiday and held six separate events as the Democrat battles to be elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate. However, his GOP opponent held his last public event of that week, on Tuesday, November 22.”

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: On the Georgia Trail: Herschel Walker silent on white supremacist’s visit to Mar-a-Lago. “Walker hasn’t taken a question since early October from the reporters covering his campaign in Georgia and Monday was no exception. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution managed to shout a question to Walker as he walked back to his campaign bus following a rally in Forsyth County: ‘Do you have anything to say about Nick Fuentes’ visit to Trump at Mar-a-Lago?’ Walker waved but didn’t answer.”

  • CNN: Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker getting tax break in 2022 on Texas home intended for primary residence. “Walker took the tax break in 2021 and 2022 for his Texas home even after launching a bid for Senate in Georgia, an official in the Tarrant County tax assessor office told CNN’s KFile. The Walker campaign did not respond to CNN’s repeated requests for comment.”

  • The New York Times: Georgia Senate Rivals, With Little Time to Spare, Sprint Toward Runoff. “His campaign has kept to its habit of eschewing the news media: It has now held more than two dozen events in which Mr. Walker has not answered reporters’ questions. Representatives for Mr. Walker did not respond to requests for comment.”

  • Georgia Public Broadcasting, Stephen Fowler: “Herschel speech ended after 15 minutes and – shocking nobody – he’s not being made available to answer media questions. Gov. Kemp left quickly too. Maybe one day a potential U.S. Senator will face any sort of substantive questioning by someone other than Sean Hannity…”


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