What They’re Still Saying: “Untested Big Republican Romney Donor” Could Cause “Rift” in Georgia GOP

December 10, 2019

Loeffler appointment Kemp’s “biggest gamble” as he faces attacks on all sides and an increasingly divided GOP

ATLANTA — Governor* Brian Kemp’s roll-out of his hand-picked “mega-donor” appointee certainly did not go as planned with “mounting conservative criticism” and Loeffler’s reveal that she won her appointment by pledging to buy her seat — which you’d expect would buy her a digital team that wouldn’t confuse her account with another politician’s. But with Georgia’s Senate seats more vulnerable than ever, it’s becoming clear that appointing Loeffler ended up being Kemp’s “biggest gamble” — and one it looks like he’s sure to lose.

Kemp and his allies are still desperately pleading for unity, but “friction” nevertheless remains in the GOP’s base. Conservatives are calling the party’s split “dangerous” as Republican activists continue to slam Loeffler as “unacceptable,” “the wrong choice”  “disqualified” while calling her appointment “a mockery” and “pandering.” Even state GOP leaders continue to be “lukewarm” on Loeffler. 

And how do conservative commentators like Sean Hannity feel about Kemp’s “biggest gamble?” Hannity has already slammed the “untested, big-Republican Romney donor as Kemp’s “big mistake.” Ouch.

The AJC’s Greg Bluestein broke down exactly how damaging Kemp’s pick could be as Georgia Republicans worry about their own ability to come together against a growing “rift” that “the party cannot withstand…especially with energized Democrats eager to flip both U.S. Senate seats up for grabs next year.”

Now, even more questions are emerging about Loeffler as the only thing truly known about her record is how much of her own money she’s willing to funnel into the state to buy a Senate seat outright. According to the AJC, Republican pushback to Loeffler continues as she remains “a mystery to even many Georgia politicos and under attack by prominent conservatives” given the numerous questions about her donor history and willingness to spend whatever it takes to buy herself power.

“Appointing a mega-donor won’t pay off for Georgia Republicans,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Kelly Loeffler will have a hard time convincing voters she’s an “outsider” after contributing millions of dollars to politicians across the country, and meanwhile, Georgia Republicans are stuck in an intra-party feud at a time when they can least afford infighting.”


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