WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: New report says early primary could bring over $1 billion in economic impact to Georgia

April 13, 2023

Today, NBC News reported on new research showing that Georgia stands to gain as much as $1.12 billion in economic impact from moving up its presidential primary – including a massive boon to some of the state’s biggest industries. In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in direct campaign spending, an earlier primary “could mean more federal funding for the Port of Savannah, one of the largest in the country, more incentives for the state’s booming electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry, fewer regulations on the financial tech firms clustered around Atlanta and more favorable trade policies for the state’s major agricultural exports, according to the report.”

See what Georgia leaders are saying about this latest data on how an early primary would boost the Peach State:

  • “It’s hard to overstate what a game changer the influx of over $9 million that Athens stands to gain from an earlier primary would be for the business community,” said David Bradley, the CEO of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, citing the report’s estimated spending for the college city northeast of Atlanta. “The flurry of campaign visits will bring a rush of spending and attention to the Main Street businesses that are the heart of Athens’ local economy.”
  • “Besides the boom of economic activity an early primary would generate in Savannah, I’m also optimistic it would bring more attention to our bustling port and hopefully secure some additional commitments and investments,” said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, a Democrat.
  • “There’s still so much we can do to grow the industry, especially here in Georgia, with one being specialized EV training,” said Kenny Mullins, the business manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ union chapter in Atlanta. “The additional exposure we stand to gain from becoming part of the early presidential primary calendar could be a real defining moment.”
  • “Georgia Republicans pride ourselves on our pro-business policies that grow the economy, create jobs and bring more investment into our state,” said Josh Gregory, the former president of University of Georgia Campus Republicans. “The economic case for making Georgia an early primary state couldn’t be stronger, and any business-minded conservative should support it.”


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