What They’re Saying: Kemp Took $50,000 in Campaign Cash from Maker of Uvalde Shooter’s Gun

June 16, 2022

A new report this week revealed that Gov. Brian Kemp took over $50,000 in political contributions from Daniel Defense, the company that manufactured the AR-15 used in the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The contributions include a $25,000 donation to Kemp’s political committee less than a month before he signed into law his extreme “criminal carry” bill, which makes it easier for criminals to carry loaded, hidden guns in public. 

Following the new report, here are some of the reactions:

Fred Guttenberg, gun safety advocate and father of Jaime Guttenberg, who was murdered in the Parkland school shooting on February 14, 2018, called on Kemp to donate the contributions from Daniel Defense to a gun safety organization:

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, called Kemp’s actions shameful and called out the Republican governor for risking Georgians’ safety and signing his extreme “criminal carry” law against warnings from law enforcement:

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, blasted Kemp’s support from the gun lobby and stressed that Georgians deserve a governor who works for their best interests:

No NRA Money, a national campaign demanding that political candidates reject funding from the NRA, called on Georgians to reject candidates that take contributions from the gun lobby:

End Citizens United, an organization advocating for campaign finance reform, highlighted how the $25,000 contribution from Daniel Defense to Kemp came less than a month before he signed his “criminal carry” bill into law:

Arne Duncan, Former United States Secretary of Education, reminded voters to keep an eye out for how contributions from the gun lobby might influence legislation:

Michael Hayden, retired U.S. Air Force four-star general and former NSA and CIA Director, feigned surprise at Kemp taking campaign cash from gun manufacturers before signing “criminal carry,” alluding to the governor’s out of touch record on guns:


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