WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Georgia Leaders Praise President Biden and Vice President Harris’ Push for Voting Rights

January 12, 2022

Following President Biden and Vice President Harris’ forceful call for federal voting rights legislation in Atlanta yesterday, leaders across Georgia applauded the Biden-Harris administration’s steadfast commitment to protecting democracy and ensuring every American has access to the ballot box. During their remarks, the President and Vice President urged the U.S. Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and spotlighted the anti-democratic assault that Republicans in Georgia and across the country have made on the integrity of our elections.

Read more about what leaders saying about President Biden and Vice President Harris’ remarks:

Congressman Hank Johnson, @RepHankJohnson: Proud to be home at my alma mater @CAU with @POTUS Biden and @VP Harris. We must protect our most fundamental American right: the right to vote and to have your vote counted in a free, fair & secure election not tainted by partisan manipulation.

Congresswoman Lucy McBath, @RepLucyMcBath: I am so proud to join @POTUS and @VP today in our state as we lead the fight to pass legislation to help guarantee the right of Americans across our country to cast their ballot without fear of interference or obstruction.

Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux, @RepBourdeaux: Georgia welcomed @POTUS and the @VP to Atlanta today. Their visit highlighted voter disenfranchisement efforts and laws that Georgia voters are already all too familiar with. Georgians need these words to become action. We need the Senate to pass #VotingRightsNow!

State Senator Elena Parent, Chair of the Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus, @ElenaParent: On my way to @ClarkAtlanta to see @POTUS and @VP deliver a crucial speech uplifting the urgency of restoring voting rights here in GA and all over the country — through a change to the filibuster rule.

State Senator Dr. Michelle Au, @AuforGA: Powerful words from @POTUS in ATL today, warning that our right to vote is under attack, and it is well past time for the U.S. Senate to act. And if any Senator stands opposed to protecting this most fundamental of American rights, let that betrayal of democracy be their legacy.

State Senator Jen Jordan, @senatorjen: It was an honor to join @POTUS and @VP for their speech in Atlanta today. I’m encouraged that they chose to bring attention to the deep threats to democracy that we face here in Georgia. #VotingRights can’t wait, and I look forward to soon seeing words put into action. #gapol

State Sen. Nan Orrock, @SenNanOrrock: Welcome back to GA! @POTUS and @VP ! Thanks for calling out the dangerous anti-democratic efforts of GA GOP. #ElectionSubversion can be stopped by passing the #FreedomToVoteAct and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act! #gapol #atlpol

State Senator Kim Jackson, @KimforGeorgia: Georgia is ground zero for voter suppression.

@POTUS and @VP understand that the GA GOP has pushed dangerous and antidemocratic efforts in our state. WE NEED the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct & #FreedomToVoteAct NOW. We have waited TOO LONG already. #GaPol #VotingRightsNow

Georgia Senate Democrats, @GASenateDems: Welcome back to Georgia, @POTUS and @VP! It’s an honor to have the Biden-Harris administration here in our state today as they urge Congress to take action on federal voting rights legislation. #gapol

Georgia House Minority Leader James Beverly, @drjbev: Georgia Democrats are thrilled to welcome @POTUS & @VP back to Georgia. Our state has long been the backdrop of the civil rights movement. Today, President Biden spoke forcefully in support of the most basic American right: the right to vote. #gapol

State Representative Sam Park, @samforgeorgia: Thank you @POTUS and @VP for your unwavering commitment to protect the sacred right of every American to vote and taking all necessary action to ensure that We the People have the freedom and power to determine our shared future. I trust y’all to deliver for the American people.

State Representative Shea Roberts, @sheaforgeorgia: The President and Vice President’s speech in Georgia today is a strong reinforcement that the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats will not relent in the fight to safeguard our democracy and protect every American’s right to vote. #gapol

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, @CityofAtlanta: “President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to our city underscores the importance of Atlanta’s voice in fighting for voting rights.”

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, @MayorJohnsonSAV: At the Quad in Atlanta with the @POTUS @VP @SenatorWarnock @ossoff and lawmakers from across the State. Federal voting rights must be passed now! #gapol

Courtney Driver, Chair of the Houston County Democratic Party, @CourtneyLDriver: With Brian Kemp and the GA GOP attacking Georgians’ access to the ballot box, our state has become the focal point of the nationwide voter suppression movement. Thank you @POTUS and @VP for coming to Georgia to continue the fight for voting rights. #gapol


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