What is Nathan Deal afraid of?

June 17, 2014

MORE THAN $3,000,000.


That’s the amount Georgia taxpayers are now on the hook for as a result of the Ethics Commission cover-up involving an investigation of Nathan Deal’s 2010 campaign finances.


Friday, Nathan Deal’s administration announced that it reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the two remaining CIVIL lawsuits against the state Ethics Commission. The state will also pay more than $400,000 to an ex-Ethics Commission attorney who only THREATENED to sue.


Last month, we learned that the final amount awarded to the ex-Ethics Commission head by a Fulton County jury would total to $1,150,000.


This brings the total—so far—to more than $3,000,000. That’s more than double the Ethics Commission entire $1,350,000 annual budget.




What is Gov. Deal so afraid of? from Georgia Democrat on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago, Nathan Deal suggested stripping state employees of whistleblower protections—the same protections that allowed former Ethics Commission employees to bring this cover-up to light!


Even in the face of criticism, just today Deal doubled down on the proposed restrictions, saying “None of us want a situation where you have any agency within state government where someone cannot be fired for legitimate reasons and could seek the protection of the whistleblower statute as a defense to their being removed from their position. From that standpoint it needs to be looked at.”




Nathan Deal has claimed that he had “no involvement whatsoever”—which has turned out to be not the most factual statement—so we have a few questions…


If Nathan Deal claims no involvement whatsoever, then why is the state breaking its neck to settle these whistleblower lawsuits?


And if Nathan Deal has nothing to hide, why is he advocating the restriction of whistleblower protections?


This just isn’t adding up…

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