WHAT GEORGIANS SAW: Democrats Statewide Speak Out for “Defend Choice” Week of Action

July 21, 2022

Georgia Democrats in Macon, Columbus, and Augusta called out Georgia GOP’s anti-choice agenda as part of national push highlighting Republican attacks on reproductive rights

Over the past week, Georgians heard from local leaders and Democratic elected officials as they held Georgia Republicans accountable for their anti-abortion agenda and campaign against vital women’s health care protections. As the Democratic Party of Georgia ramps up its organizing and outreach efforts ahead of November, Democrats are continuing to highlight the importance of electing pro-choice leaders who will defend reproductive rights at the State Capitol and in Washington.

Here’s what Georgians saw from Democrats’ Week of Action:

41NBC in Macon:

  • 41NBC Anchor: “Georgia Democrats say even though abortion remains legal in the state, they’re concerned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade threatens women today because it makes it illegal for women to decide on issues related to their health. 
  • “At a news conference this morning in downtown Macon, they spoke out against anti-abortion laws that Republican lawmakers are working to enact. Representative Miriam Paris says Georgia’s six week abortion ban, which has been held up in court since 2019, is among her top concerns.” 
  • State Rep. Miriam Paris: “This is a very serious issue for women going forward. Our rights as humans are being infringed upon. Women’s rights are human rights.”

13WMAZ in Macon:

  • 13WMAZ Anchor: “Today in downtown Macon, Georgia Democrats urged people to get ready to vote this November, saying women’s health is on the ballot.”
  • Courtney Driver: “We will not be silent amid the GOP attacks on our freedom and our rights.”
  • 13WMAZ Anchor: “State Democrats say people should vote for candidates who will defend reproductive rights. Governor Kemp signed Georgia’s heartbeat bill; it still has not gone into effect. Georgia Democrats warn state Republicans could go further, banning abortion in the state altogether.” 

WGXA in Macon:

  • WGXA Anchor: “Georgia could soon see itself among the states with stricter abortion rights – but not if Georgia Democrats get their way. Several Democrat leaders were in Macon today, calling out the state Republicans for their push to make a six week abortion ban law.
  • “The Democrats say Republicans are out of touch with Georgians, saying nearly 70% are against stricter abortion access.”
  • State Rep. Miriam Paris: “If Georgians do not get out and vote for pro-choice candidates, then we believe – if they flip the Senate – we are in for a much longer ride than what we’ve seen before.” 

In Columbus:

  • Laura Walker, Former Chair of Muscogee County Dems: “Nobody embodies out-of-touch politics more than the Republican nominee for Georgia’s second congressional district, Chris West, who supports a total abortion ban with no exceptions – not even for victims of rape or incest. That’s not something Democrats, Republicans, or Independents in this district want. Democrats in Columbus and Muscogee County are fired up, and we will not sit by silently while Chris West runs a campaign to strip Georgia women of their rights.”
  • Jeff Van Doorn, Former Chair of Muscogee County Dems: “Chris West’s anti-abortion stance is dangerous and infringes on Georgians’ freedoms. It’s a disrespect to doctors who don’t want government intrusion into their examination rooms. It’s a disrespect to women in this district who don’t want politicians’ making their private medical decisions. It’s just wrong.”

WJBF in Augusta: 

  • Sarah Moody, President of Augusta-Columbia Democratic Women’s Club: “Decisions about whether or when to become a mother are private decisions that should be made by women of Georgia themselves, not by politicians.”
  • WJBF Anchor: “Local Democrats are also speaking out against the lack of Republican support for a bill that would prevent government restrictions on access to abortion services.”
  • Augusta-Richmond County Commissioner Jordan Johnson: “Politicians, lobbyists, special interests have no right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.”
  • State Rep. Sheila Nelson: “When they don’t listen to their constituents and they want to make our medical decisions, take away our rights, we as women have a problem with that. What they will have to do is listen to the people that elect them. Listen to what we know is best for us and our bodies.”


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