WHAT GEORGIANS ARE SEEING: Walker Dodging Questions As Voters Stand Against Him

November 2, 2022

“Walker seems to have returned to his “velvet rope” strategy…holding large public events, but dodging questions from all but the friendliest conservative media outlets”

Herschel Walker continued his strategy of hiding from Georgians’ concerns and refusing to answer basic questions after the latest series of revelations about his pattern of lies and conduct, including new allegations of threatening another woman.

Meanwhile, Georgia voters held a press conference in Augusta highlighting Walker’s pattern of lies and disturbing behavior. Speakers discussed how Walker’s long, damning pattern of liesscams, and disturbing conduct proves he is not ready to represent Georgians.

Here’s what Georgians are seeing and hearing: 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Jolt: Herschel Walker sidesteps media as abortion allegations mount

  • With more personal allegations mounting against him, GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker seems to have returned to his “velvet rope” strategy on the campaign trail — holding large public events, but dodging questions from all but the friendliest conservative media outlets.
  • The Republican’s tight-lipped approach comes as the second woman accusing Walker of paying for her abortion appeared on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. She said that Walker not only paid for her abortion, but insisted upon it, and also made “menacing” statements about danger that could come to her if she did not have an abortion.
  • At a Tuesday afternoon stop in Augusta, Walker spent more than a half-hour greeting guests following his speech, but was hustled away from the handshake line once reporters tried to ask him questions.
  • That follows a pattern that’s played out at most of Walker’s campaign trail stops in the final stretch of the race. He delivers a relatively short speech and then either leaves for the next stop or is sequestered before greeting a long line of supporters for pictures and handshakes.

FOX 54 Augusta: Senate candidate Herschel Walker stops in Augusta as opponents question his campaign 

  • Abby Bradshaw, Fox 54: “…But not everyone is a fan. A group also gathered at the Augusta Riverwalk Tuesday, questioning Walker’s ethics and calling on voters to choose Warnock instead. Citing [Walker’s] scams and disturbing conduct…”
  • Rep. Gloria Frazier: “Herschel Walker still refuses to address his long pattern of violence. Instead, he repeatedly repeats the same lies.”
  • Ray Montana, Georgia Voter: “He’ll be the same chump in the U.S. Senate if we let him in. What Herschel Walker is doing is boasting and lying for political benefit, and it’s totally disgusting.” 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Tia Mitchell 


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