WHAT GEORGIANS ARE SEEING: Local Leaders, Voters Across Georgia Stand Against Herschel Walker

November 21, 2022

This week, local leaders and voters across Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah held press conferences to highlight how Herschel Walker lacks the character and competence to be Georgia’s U.S. Senator.

With Georgia’s Senate runoff election rapidly approaching — early voting begins no later than November 28th in all counties and runs through December 2nd, and Election Day is on December 6th — speakers reminded Georgians why Walker has not earned their vote to represent them in the U.S. Senate and encouraged voters to make their voices heard. 

Here’s why Georgians believe Walker has not earned their vote:

In Augusta:

WRDW Augusta: “Mayor Davis doubled down on Warnock as the obvious choice for Georgia, citing his work to keep the price of insulin down while maintaining the U.S. highway system, keeping military bases from Texas to Georgia connected.”

Mayor Hardie Davis: “Augusta, Georgia has been an incredible beneficiary of the work of our two U.S. senators. It’s been a long time coming when you’ve got senators that you not only see in Augusta, but that you can pick up the phone and call.”

WJBF Augusta: “Here at Brookfield Park Augusta voters and leaders met to encourage people to re-elect Senator Raphael Warnock in the December runoff. “Augusta leaders are concerned about Herschel Walker’s readiness to represent Georgia in the Senate. They claim Walker lacks the character and competence to be a U.S. Senator.” 

Mayor Hardie Davis: “Herschel Walker not only isn’t ready or fit to be able to serve in the U.S. Senate, but more importantly he’s not the senator that we need to send to Washington on training wheels. We’ve got a U.S. Senator who already knows how to get things done, a Senator who knows how to work across the aisle.” 

WFXG Augusta: State Representative Gloria Frazier asserts not only is Warnock the best choice to represent Georgia – Republican candidate Herschel Walker, she insists, has no business in Washington.” 

Representative Gloria Frazier: “I’m disturbed with Herschel Walker’s well documented pattern of lies – I’m gonna say it, lies – and disturbing behaviors.”

In Atlanta:

The Washington Post: “Georgia Democrats on Saturday morning held an event less than three miles away from Walker’s rally, featuring remarks from voters who backed Kemp and Warnock in the election and plan to support Warnock again in the runoff.”

“‘I’ve heard Herschel talk about redemption. But I was taught that redemption requires confession, contrition and accountability,’ said Heidi Moriarty, who lives in Buckhead. ‘The choice is clear, Georgia. I voted for Governor Kemp and Reverend Warnock on Election Day, and I plan to once again cast my ballot during the runoff for Warnock.’”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Democrats held a nearby event Saturday featuring other wavering Republicans.“Our governor and Sen. Warnock are good men who I can trust to represent Georgia and lead our state well. But I can’t say the same about Herschel Walker,” said Heidi Moriarty of Atlanta. “His well-documented pattern of lies and disturbing behavior make it clear that he’s wrong for our state.”

Axios Atlanta: “I’ve heard Herschel talk about redemption. But I was taught that redemption requires confession contrition and accountability. The choice is clear, Georgia.” – Kemp/Warnock voter Heidi Moriarty at a press conference organized by the Georgia Democratic Party

Fox 5 Atlanta: ​​At a Thursday news conference in Atlanta, a group of Democratic state legislators told reporters they believe Walker lacks the character and competence to be a U.S. Senator. Democratic State Senator Jen Jordan…said, “This isn’t about who’s going to be the best reality show character, this is about who your U.S. Senator is. Maya Angelou has always said it best is that when someone tells you who they are – when they show you who they are – then you better damn believe them. And so, everybody needs to get out early and vote because Herschel Walker has shown us who he is.”  

In Savannah:

Fox 28 Savannah: “Democratic officials hosted a press conference at Lake Mayer to discuss the accomplishments of Raphael Warnock.” 

State Sen.-Elect Derek Mallow: Georgia, we’ve got to elect Reverend Raphael Warnock who has a record of actually supporting workers and doers – bringing down costs and addressing supply chain issues. When the Port of Savannah was closed he was right here in Savannah working to clear the backlog in Savannah so we could get our ports operating and get people back to work.’” 

WJCL Savannah: “Democrats also holding a rally in Savannah today. Senate-elect Derek Mallow of District 2 led the ‘No Way Walker’ event. Here’s what he had to say.

State Sen.-elect Derek Mallow: “I’m joined here by some of my fellow Savannah voters and some of our friends and our families and our neighbors to remind everyone that Herschel Walker does not possess the character or competence to represent us in the United States Senate.”

WTOC Savannah: “And also happening in Savannah today a group of voters gathered to support Senator Raphael Warnock. State Senator-Elect Derek Mallow talked at that event. He said Warnock has proven he’s the right fit to represent Georgia.”

State Sen.-Elect Derek Mallow: “We’ve been watching him fight for all of us since he got to the United States Senate to lower costs for prescription drugs, to protect jobs, to secure funding for our schools, and to stand up for hardworking Georgia families. “Meanwhile, it is beyond clear that Herschel Walker is not ready, and neither is he fit to represent our state.” 


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