Western District Voters Deserve A Fair Election, But Kemp’s Trying To Make Another Election Disappear

May 1, 2020

Cancelling Elections Is Voter Suppression

Brian Kemp is at it again — this time to deny Athens-Clarke and Oconee voters an election for their local district attorney by refusing to fill a local vacancy before the deadline. Kemp’s delays mean the race for Western Circuit district attorney, scheduled for November 2020, goes “poof,” and won’t be held until 2022.

DPG Chairwoman Nikema Williams released the following statement:

“It is extremely concerning that Governor Kemp has not exercised his constitutional duty and appointed a District Attorney for the Western Judicial Circuit, and is effectively denying Georgians the opportunity to choose their representative for the next two years. Let’s be clear: cancelling elections is voter suppression. I urge the governor to honor the democratic process and appoint a D.A. immediately, so that the people can make their voice heard at the polls this November.”

Kemp has had since February 29th to appoint a new district attorney, but his delay has political motivations: by delaying this election, Republicans won’t have to compete in this swing district race for another two years, and avoid being on the toxic 2020 ticket.


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