We Will Win

April 19, 2011

Dear Friends,

Each year, millions of dollars leave Georgia to support national Democratic organizations and candidates.

Red states like ours have long been considered major sources of Democratic funding, but are rarely considered viable places to spend these same resources. You can help Georgia Democrats win the future by investing your political contributions where they matter most, right here in Georgia.

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling showed what we’ve already known to be true, that Georgia is not as red as the Republicans want us to believe it is. If we invest our time and efforts into registering new voters, educating voters, and running effective campaigns, we will once again win in Georgia.

When you invest in Georgia Democrats, you invest in our democratic future. We recruit candidates and engage in campaigns right here. We reach out to voters and make the most of your dollars by working to elect Democrats right here in our own towns, cities, and counties. Your support is essential to Georgia’s future.

Help Georgia Democrats win the future by taking a moment to join the Yellow Dog Club today!



Nikema Williams
First Vice Chair
Democratic Party of Georgia

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