We need your help to defeat HOUSE BILLS 361, 362 and 227

March 3, 2013

Please attend the capitol TOMORROW, MONDAY, MARCH 4TH to lobby against house bills 361 and 362. Get there by 9:00 a.m. Working families in Georgia need your help.

HB 361 is eerily similar to last year’s bill. At its heart is an attempt to intimidate workers. But it goes far beyond that. It increases penalties for free speech activities, like picketing, and ties the hands of local governments from deciding what works best for them when dealing with their workforce.

HB 362 is no better. It would restrict the ability of local communities to hire skilled, local workers for construction projects and open the door to contractors from out of state—many of whom would give big money to state politicians in return—to come into Georgia and make a quick buck using a less-skilled workforce.

Instead of attacking working families, our legislators need to be focused on creating good jobs and strengthening our economy. Send a message to your representative and senator now!

ALSO, this Monday, the Georgia State Senate Committee on Insurance and Labor will be voting on: SB 227 a bill that would make the unemployment benefit cuts imposed by GA Labor Commissioner Mark Butler permanent under state law.

Please Attend the SB 227 Committee Vote:

We need to pack the room and show opposition to SB 227!

Monday, March 4th – 11 AM

Capitol Building, Room 125

Also please call members of the GA Committee on Insurance and Labor:

Committee Chairman Sen. Tim Golden – Phone: (404) 656-7580

Sen. Joshua McKoon -Phone: (404) 463-3931

Sen. Ronald Ramsey – Phone: (404) 463-2598

Sen. Charlie Bethel – Phone: (404) 651-7738

Sen. Ed Harbison – Phone: (404) 656-0074

Sen. Judson Hill – Phone: (404) 656-0150

Sen. Burt Jones – Phone: (404) 656-0082

Sen. David Shafer – Phone: (404) 656-0048

Sen. Renee Unterman – Phone: (404) 463-1368

We ask you to stand with these workers who have lost so much as it is. Your efforts could make all the difference. We thank you for your effort and support.

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