WATCH: Senator Perdue Continues to Hide as His Campaign Collapses

October 31, 2020

“Stealth” Senator David Perdue has not held a single public town hall in six years and has repeatedly dodged the media and his constituents

ATLANTA — After Senator David Perdue’s campaign wouldn’t disclose information about his public schedule, CNN caught up with Perdue at a recent campaign stop, and asked him why he wouldn’t disclose his campaign events, leaving Perdue stunned before deflecting by saying “that’s a campaign question.”


Key exchange:

CNN’s Manu Raju: “We tried to reach out to your campaign but your campaign wouldn’t tell us what you were doing, I’m wondering why that was?”

Sen. Perdue: “Are you asking me a question?”

Raju: “Yeah, I’m asking you…”

Sen. Perdue: “That’s a campaign question.”

Senator Perdue’s reputation for avoiding the media and constituents has come to the forefront after he abruptly pulled out of Sunday’s debate with Jon Ossoff to join Trump’s rally, drawing renewed attention to the last time Perdue “nearly overshadowed” Trump’s Georgia event by derisively mocking the name of Senator Kamala Harris. 

Senator David Perdue hasn’t held a single public town hall in his entire Senate term and has refused to talk to his constituents. A recent report exposed Perdue’s “stealth campaign,” noting Georgians “have not heard a lot from Senator Perdue” possibly “by design.” Perdue has frequently ghosted Georgia media outlets and been exposed for his history of dodging the media.

CNN report on David Perdue’s undisclosed campaign events:

“Republican Senator David Perdue struggling to fend off Democrat Jon Ossoff…”

“As polls show a tight race, Perdue stoked controversy by mocking the name of Joe Biden’s running mate Senator Kamala Harris at a Trump rally.”

“Perdue abruptly pulled out of this Sunday’s debate choosing instead to attend President Trump’s rally. It’s consistent with Perdue’s efforts to avoid the media.”

“His campaign would not disclose his plans this week, but CNN learned he was in central Georgia.”

“His supporters tried to block our camera and prevent any questions.”


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