WATCH: Republicans on Kelly Loeffler’s Bought-And-Paid-For Politics

November 16, 2020

Loeffler and Collins’ “nasty feud” left devastating trail of Republican attacks on the unelected senator

Collins on Loeffler: “We have an appointed senator who’s trying to buy an election in Georgia.”

ATLANTA — As unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler desperately attempts to pull her party back together after her “brutal feud” with Congressman Doug Collins, months of “scorched-earth” infighting between Republicans leaves a long record of attacks the GOP must answer for.

Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia is releasing a new video breaking down Republicans’ most scathing attacks on Loeffler over the course of her “nasty intraparty brawl.”



Rep. Doug Collins: “We have an appointed senator who’s trying to buy an election in Georgia. She’ll do anything desperate to try and do that.”

Collins: “Kelly Loeffler believes that Georgia can be hoodwinked with TV ads. She believes it can be bought.”

Great America PAC Chairman Ed Rollins: “Her only claim to fame is reelect me, I’ll still be the richest person in Congress, and I went on and I bought a jet airplane so I could fly back and forth between Georgia and Washington.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: “If Loeffler knew about these trades and still issued that little PSA we showed you, she should leave office.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry: “You thought the government was prepared yet shortly after that tweet that I just noted, you sold over a million dollars in stocks in your own personal portfolio before the market went down. Were you trading on inside information about what was coming?”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “Could you tell me what was fake? What was fake? Was it the timing of the sale, that it had nothing to do with that coronavirus briefing? When did you sell the stock? Was it after that briefing? Before that briefing?”

Collins: “We cannot afford to let this election slide. We can’t afford to elect someone who doesn’t know what she believes. We gotta actually have a senator who actually can fight for all of Georgia and do the things that matter.”

“After months of denouncing her shady stock trades and her corrupt bought-and-paid-for politics, Georgia Republicans have a lot to answer for about their devastating attacks on Senator Kelly Loeffler,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “The record of the past nine months is clear: even Republicans believe that Kelly Loeffler serves herself, not Georgians.”


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