WATCH: Mayor Van Johnson Highlights New Funding for Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

February 3, 2022

This morning Savannahians heard from Mayor Van Johnson about a new boost to the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Thanks to the Biden-Harris administration, the airport is set to receive over $5 million in new federal investments to expand capacity and generate new good-paying jobs. This funding builds on the $8 million investment to the Port of Savannah from President Biden’s infrastructure package, which will help ease supply chain stress and lower costs for Georgians across the state.

WATCH the story from WSAV:

WSAV: The Impact of Infrastructure Bill

  • WSAV Anchor: “The Savannah Hilton Head International Airport is receiving more than $5 million in federal funds through President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. That money will be used to help expand facilities and to create more jobs. WSAV news 3’s Daisy Kershaw is live at the airport this morning. She has a look at what this means for the local economy.”
  • Daisy Kershaw, WSAV: “Mayor Van Johnson says the expansion and improvements that will be made possible by this funding will allow the airport to accommodate more travelers and could even help ease supply chain issues. The height of that busy holiday travel season is just about over, and despite COVID concerns, it was a record year for Savannah/Hilton Head International.”
  • Kershaw: “Now, in just a few weeks, thousands are expected to travel from all over for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. It’s this kind of tourism that Mayor Johnson says helps businesses and the local economy. And according to data, the airport brings in 4.2 billion in revenue annually for the state of Georgia.”
  • Mayor Johnson: “When people are able to come here, there’s opportunities for local businesses to do well. And so, again, we already have a beautiful airport, a very efficient airport, but we’re already kind of too small for what our future needs are. So this money, $5 million of new federal improvements, will help us to expand our facilities.”
  • Kershaw: “Savannah/Hilton Head International gets about 3 million travelers annually, and the airport is continuing to work on expanding its flight options. Just this Tuesday, Allegiant Air announced a new nonstop flight available from Savannah to Michigan, an important connector to the Midwest.”


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