WATCH: Loeffler “Has the President’s Back, but Does He Have Hers?”

January 16, 2020

Trump hasn’t called the temporary senator to congratulate her on her appointment

Even with Loeffler promising to be “100% supportive” of the GOP’s reckless priorities, Republicans still wary as her own president refuses to back her

Atlanta — Temporary Senator and “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler did not receive a call from President Trump congratulating her on the appointment even though she’s already pledged her “100%” support for his harmful policies. 


CAROLYN RYAN V.O.: She’s also going to fight for President Trump in the Senate’s impeachment trial. She says she has the president’s back, but does he have hers?

RYAN: He adamantly supported Representative Doug Collins for your position that you now have. Does that concern you? Or were you at all?

Sen. Loeffler: Look I’m very, uh, focused on working with the White House. I had a meeting there this week to work on one of the legislative priorities and am very aligned with the White House. I know I’m going to continue to earn his trust and confidence. In the meantime I’m just going about getting my work done for Georgia, in the way that I’ve committed to getting it done.

RYAN: At that meeting at the White House did you have the opportunity to meet the president?

Sen. Loeffler: Uh, not this week.

RYAN: Has he reached out to you to congratulate you?

Sen. Loeffler: We haven’t had the opportunity to speak. Vice President Pence swore me in. I passed my regards on to the president.

Loeffler’s disastrous roll-out prompted a “GOP firestorm” that unsurprisingly has left many party leaders “skeptical” amid disappointing poll numbers and emerging conflicts of interest, but a new interview with CBS46 reveals that not only has Loeffler not received the public support of her own party’s president, but that she hasn’t even spoken with him since taking office.

It’s another red flag for a “mega-donor” senator whose “‘minefield’ of potential ethical issues” and history of Washington influence peddling by her business already leave her ill-prepared to finally face voters in 2020.

“Kelly Loeffler may be ready to pledge herself ‘100%’ to Washington Republican leaders and their reckless agenda, but clearly her own party’s president isn’t willing to make the same promise to a vulnerable senator like her,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of spending so much time trying to win the support of the president, Loeffler should be focusing on the Georgia families she’s supposed to be serving who will be most hurt by Republicans’ dangerous policies.”


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