WATCH: Loeffler Fact Checks the Spin on Her Appointment: No Political Outsider, “I Started Working with GA GOP in About 2010”

January 23, 2020

Despite claiming to be a so-called “political outsider,” Loeffler admits in an interview she’s been involved in politics for the past decade, looking for a chance to run

ATLANTA — Temporary senator and “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler was originally touted as a so-called “political outsider” when she bought a temporary Senate appointment from Governor Brian Kemp. But in a recent interview, Loeffler admits her political involvement started years ago, and that she’d been eyeing politics for years before she used her millions to buy a Senate seat.


CAROLYN RYAN: You… really don’t have any experience in politics, correct?

Sen. Loeffler: Well, I started working with the Georgia Republican Party in about 2010, helping promote success for our ticket in that election cycle, which was a great cycle for Georgia, and really started to get more and more involved, considered a run for the Senate in the 2014 cycle. 

Even before her interview, reporting revealed Loeffler’s firm’s extensive involvement in DC influence peddling and ties to Washington’s lobbying revolving door. She entered office on Day 1 facing a “‘minefield’ of potential ethical issues,” including serving on the Senate committee directly overseeing regulators for her husband’s firm, which has spent a staggering $17 million to lobby Washington on its interests. 

To make matters worse: the president is still not speaking to her and poor poll numbers continue to pour in.

“In her own words, Kelly Loeffler dismissed the idea she’s a ‘political outsider,’” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Of course, the records of her mega-donor status, company’s influence-peddling in Washington and ties to the revolving door between special interests and government made that clear long before this interview and are among the reasons why her position in the Senate is temporary.”


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