WATCH: GOP’s “Battle Royale” Kicks Off As Collins and Loeffler Continue “Fighting Over the Republican Base”

February 19, 2020

“Brutal Republican-on-Republican” brawl sets up multimillion-dollar battle between Collins and Loeffler 

Top GA Republican strategist: “It is going to be a battle royale.”

ATLANTA — As “political mega-donor” and temporary senator Kelly Loeffler and top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins are in the midst of “an all-out Republican feud,” today the Democratic Party of Georgia is highlighting the “nasty GOP fight” in a new video.


Key quotes:

“A clash within the GOP.” –CBS 46

“[Collins’ entrance] would likely set up a bitter intraparty fight.” –Spectrum News

“It’s no secret that some Georgia Republicans were not happy when Gov. Brian Kemp picked Kelly Loeffler.” -CBS46

“Some lawmakers…worry this Collins-Loeffler matchup is creating a rift in Georgia’s Republican Party.” -WSB

“The battle could divide the party, splitting votes and making way for a Democratic challenger to take over the seat.” -Fox 5

[GOP strategist Brian Robinson]: “Instead of Kelly Loeffler being able to take on the Democrats…she and Doug Collins are both going to be fighting over the Republican base.” -Fox 5

[Robinson]: “It is going to be a battle royale.” -Fox 5

This new video highlights the disastrous coverage Loeffler and Collins are facing as their “raging intraparty fight” creates a “rift in Georgia’s Republican Party,” setting them up for a “battle royale” in November. Already, Loeffler and Collins have launched brutal attacks over the airwaves as they court a narrow right-wing base and jockey for Trump’s support while becoming even more out-of-touch with everyday Georgians.

“Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins’ ‘battle royale’ is a nightmare scenario for Republicans who desperately wanted to avoid this bitter and expensive intraparty fight,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Now, both Loeffler and Collins are set to wage a disastrous and costly battle against each other for months, while the only winner of their knock-down, drag-out grudge match will be Georgia Democrats.” 


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