WATCH: Georgia College Students Blast Republicans for Opposing President Biden’s American Rescue Plan

October 22, 2021

‘Because Brian Kemp and the Georgia GOP defunded our schools, chose bigotry over life-saving pandemic relief, and opposed the American rescue plan, it wasn’t easy.’

Today, college students from across Georgia are condemning Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans for unanimously opposing the critical relief President Biden’s American Rescue Plan delivered for Georgians. Students also praised President Biden and Democrats for delivering funding for HBCUs, helping to cut child poverty in half, and making vaccines available for every Georgian.

WATCH: Georgia Tech student Alex Ames urges Georgia Republicans to end their political games and support the Build Back Better agenda

  • Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m a 19 year old student and worker at Georgia Tech. The pandemic has been really hard for my friends and family. 
  • We’ve all made sacrifices to keep people safe, and as an immunocompromised Georgian, it meant a lot that Democrats in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan. 
  • I volunteered to help elect Senators Warnock and Ossoff and having them in Washington to pass this bill meant cutting child poverty in half, making vaccines widely available, and saving lives like mine. 
  • Like most families during the pandemic, ours had a lot to handle, a lot of challenges. Because Brian Kemp and the Georgia GOP defunded our schools, chose bigotry over life-saving pandemic relief, and opposed the American Rescue Plan, it wasn’t easy. 
  • My parents still teach in pandemic-stricken high schools where Kemp and the GOP have ignored the needs and lives of working families. 
  • I want my community to be able to work and learn safely with fair wages and child care. The Build Back Better agenda means relief for people like you and me. 
  • It’s time for Republican politicians to put aside their dangerous games and stand for our communities.

WATCH: Spelman College student Camille Young praises the American Rescue Plan’s funding for HBCUs 

  • Hi, my name is Camille Young, and I’m a freshman political science major with a concentration on pre-law from Columbia, Maryland, and I attend the illustrious Spelman College. 
  • For me this pandemic has been challenging both mentally and financially, but I’m glad we’re turning this negative into something positive by focusing on the people and places that desperately need our attention, like HBCUs. 
  • As a student at an HBCU, I’m forever grateful that we’ve received increased funding because we were able to pour into our school, which pours into our students and, ultimately, pours into our community and world as a whole. 
  • Now, when we have politicians like Brian Kemp or other Republicans in the Congress or Senate who disregard HBCUs, it is quite disheartening because these are sacred institutions that are built for the cultivation of my success as a black woman. And they want to see me succeed, and they are encouraging. 
  • So I asked you all to not politicize this issue because, without the funding of HBCUs, we are missing out on a generation of high-achieving Black scholars. Thank you.


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