WATCH: Augusta, Health Care Leaders Call Out Georgia Republicans for Opposing Lower Costs

March 16, 2022

Today, as the Republican Party doubles down on their agenda of tax hikes and raised premiums, Augusta and health care leaders held a press conference highlighting the need to pass President Biden and Democrats’ plan to lower costs while calling out Georgia Republicans for opposing affordable health care and standing with the GOP’s disastrous plans.

Last week, Republican Senator Ron Johnson confirmed that Republicans still want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. That would mean that 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions would lose insurance protections, Georgians with private insurance could see their premiums skyrocket, 343,000 Georgians could lose coverage, and more. Simultaneously, National Republican Senate Campaign Chair Rick Scott’s GOP economic agenda plans to raise taxes on 42.5% of Georgians. Georgia Republicans would be a rubber stamp for these tax-hiking, premium-raising plans if the GOP takes control of Congress in November.

Watch footage of the press conference here.

“While President Biden and Georgia Democrats lowered health care costs for over 700,000 Georgians over this past year thanks to their American Rescue Plan, Republicans want to jeopardize health insurance for 343,000 Georgians,” Augusta Commissioner Jordan Johnson said. “The choice could not be more clear: Republicans’ economic agenda is gutting the health care Georgians count on, raising premiums, and hiking taxes on everyday Georgians. Republicans have a choice to make: stand up against their party and join President Biden in working to lower costs for Georgians or continue to be a rubber stamp for the GOP agenda of raised premiums and hiked taxes.”

“If Republicans take control of Congress, it’s going to be devastating for Georgia from a public health standpoint. We’d see probably a 24% spike in the rate of uninsured and our state would lose billions of dollars in federal funding for health care. That’s on top of the billions we’ve already forfeited by not expanding Medicaid under the ACA and accepting a nine to one match from the federal government,” Joe Binns, State Director of Protect Our Care Georgia, said. “It’s past time for Georgia Republicans in the state and in DC to quit with the war on health care and the Affordable Care Act and work with Democrats to expand access and lower costs for everybody in the state.”

“I’m appalled to see members of the Republican Party doubling down on plans to raise taxes and kick people off their health care. The GOP agenda would be disastrous for Georgians who work hard every day just to get by. In addition to that disastrous health care agenda, Republicans plan to raise over 40% of Georgians’ taxes, including seniors and retirees,” said Augusta Commissioner Francine Scott. “We have to hold all parties in the GOP accountable to make sure they do not take away health care for people who may want to work but can’t work and who need the insurance.”


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