Walker…What? GOP Candidate Proves Yet Again He Is Unfit For Office

November 17, 2022

Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, everyone can agree Walker is wrong for Georgia

With less than 20 days until the Georgia Senate runoff Herschel Walker has finally found his closing message: the plot of Twilight. On Wednesday, Walker delivered an unorthodox stump speech, explaining to voters in great detail how werewolves can kill vampires. 

While Walker is no stranger to bizarre statements, he is proving again it’s hard to run for office when you have nothing to run on. 

So far this cycle, the Republican has said that Georgians with diabetes “got to eat right” rather than worry about insulin costs, claimed Medicaid “has not been good” when asked about expanding it, and suggested Georgia’s “good air decides to float over” to replace China’s “bad air” while explaining climate policy.

This week, he’s at it again: 

  • On Tuesday, during a bus stop in Jefferson, Walker was surprised to learn there will be early voting ahead of his own runoff election. Walker told a room of voters, “I don’t think they have early voting do they?” After he was quickly corrected by a campaign staffer, Walker claimed the early voting period is too long and Republicans “ought to cut it down.”
  • Walker admitted that he has “no idea” what legislation he would introduce to address crime. A new report from 13WMAZ highlighted Reverend Warnock’s commitment to making strong investments in public safety and contrasted his plans with Walker’s failure to lay out any solutions of his own. 13WMAZ noted that “We asked his [Walker’s] campaign again Tuesday. They did not respond.”
  • And on Monday, Walker attacked the green technology sector — something members of his own party have supported in Georgia — claiming the state isn’t “ready for the green agenda” and would rather keep “those gas-guzzling cars” with their “good emissions.” Georgia is an emerging hub for electric vehicle manufacturing with companies investing billions of dollars in new plants set to create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.   


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