“Walker’s No-show Looms Large over Senate GOP debate” as Georgia Republicans Fume

April 11, 2022

Herschel Walker is once again facing criticism from Georgia Republicans, conservative commentators, and GOP activists alike after no-showing Saturday’s GOP primary debate. Walker’s “refus[al] to debate and face voters” comes amid a barrage of reports about his repeated lies and questionable record — while Republicans wonder aloud “what is he hiding” and “what is he afraid of?” 

Read more about Walker’s debate-dodging debacle below, and see what Georgia conservative voters, activists, commentators, and primary rivals said about Walker’s debate-dodging debacle here.

Herschel Walker’s no-show looms large over Senate GOP debate

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/10/22

  • Each of Walker’s top rivals criticized the GOP frontrunner for skipping the event and predicted that his strategy, which involves a regimen of mostly tightly scripted events and private gatherings, would leave him vulnerable against Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock.
  • “I’m also certain that every coach that he had in the past instructed him that you’ll not play in the game if you don’t show up for practice,” said Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Walker’s best-known GOP rival. “But his coaches now have him locked in the basement of the locker room. I think it’s a shame.”
  • Since entering the race last year with Trump’s support, Walker has ignored his rivals and bypassed many large GOP gatherings, even if it meant alienating key activists and officials. He’s also indicated he won’t participate in debates until the general election.
  • In this instance, Walker cited the Horatio Alger Award ceremony in Washington as a scheduling conflict. The event ended Saturday morning, hours before the evening debate.
  • “Mr. Walker not showing up and not making himself available to the people of Georgia is not serving the people of Georgia,” said Kelvin King, a contractor and military veteran. “This is an interview process and if you don’t show up for the interview process you don’t get the job.”
  • It was Black, however, who offered perhaps the most scathing attack. The agriculture commissioner brought up instances of violence against women and past policy stances that he’s long said would “disqualify” Walker in November.


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