Walker “Tweeted — And Then Quickly Deleted” Photo of $76,000 Closed-Door Speech in Texas As Georgia Republicans Sound Off on Walker’s Campaign

February 10, 2022

This week, Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker is in Texas giving yet another paid-but-undisclosed speech “behind closed doors.” And so far, it’s not going well:

Walker “tweeted — and quickly deleted” this photo showing himself getting ready to speak in Texas “behind closed doors” while refusing to tell Georgia voters what exactly he’s saying to get paid $76,000. 

Walker is talking to Texans about his Senate race “behind closed doors” for big cash instead of talking to Georgians. 

Meanwhile, back in Georgia…Republican commentators and former candidates are sounding off on how Walker’s “absolutely disastrous strategy” of avoiding Georgia voters and local press is hurting his campaign. 

And Walker’s GOP Senate rivals are jumping on the Trump-tapped candidate for consistently avoiding Georgians and limiting most of his appearances to those who pay.

  • Gary Black: “I guess Herschel Walker has Texas $$ — not Georgia voters — on his mind.”

  • And Latham Saddler: “I’m speaking to Georgia voters tonight in Columbus, GA (it’s free).”

Read AJC’s coverage on Walker’s lack of transparency with Georgians here.


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