Walker To Campaign with Rick Scott, Architect of GOP Plan to Slash Social Security and Medicare

October 11, 2022

Today, Herschel Walker is campaigning alongside Florida Senator Rick Scott — aligning himself with the ringleader of the GOP’s plan to slash Social Security and gut Medicare if Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate. 

Rick Scott is the architect of the plan that would sunset Social Security and Medicare in five years and raise taxes on more than 40% of Georgians.

“Walker’s embrace of Rick Scott — and his disastrous plan to slash Medicare and Social Security — highlights just how much is at stake for Georgians in this U.S. Senate race,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “While Reverend Warnock works to cut health care costs and support Georgia seniors, Senate Republicans’ are only sticking by Walker because he would be a rubber stamp for their harmful, benefit-slashing agenda.”

In the Senate, Herschel Walker and Rick Scott would work to:


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