Walker Refuses to Return MTG Donations, Won’t Reject Her Endorsement

March 2, 2022

Herschel Walker is refusing to reject Marjorie Taylor Greene’s endorsement or return the thousands of dollars that she has already contributed to his campaign — even after Greene came under scrutiny for appearing with Holocaust deniers, Putin apologists, and January 6th supporters at a white nationalist conference. Walker was forced to cancel an upcoming appearance with Greene after receiving inquiries about whether he would still attend her event. 

This is the second time Walker has been forced to cancel an event with ties to anti-semitism: 

In October, Walker defended a Nazi image — a swastika made out of syringes — as “clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic,” drawing public outrage before ultimately canceling a fundraising event with the donor who posted the image.

Read more on Walker’s latest controversy below:

11Alive, Atlanta: Walker Campaign “Did Not Comment” about Greene

  • Georgia Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker has not spoken out against her.
  • AFPAC founder Nick Fuentes welcomed Greene in glowing terms in his address prior to her speech, praising her as “a fighter” who is working to change the system from the inside.
  • Fuentes said the movement he and his followers are leading will build a new America. “We are Christian, white men. And you know what Christian white men are great at doing? Building things,” he said.
  • Fuentes said he enjoys the attacks against him. “They say, ‘he’s a white nationalist, he’s a racist, why won’t Republicans condemn him?'” Fuentes smiled and said, “Who are they writing these for? Nobody cares! We don’t care!”
  • Greene told the crowd she has empathy for them. “Because you know what it’s like to be canceled, and that’s why I’m here to talk to you tonight. I don’t believe anyone should be canceled,” Greene said.
  • When 11Alive asked Walker’s campaign office for an interview about his reasons, a campaign spokesperson did not comment. Instead, the spokesperson sent an email with a link to a tweet that was posted by an Atlanta talk show host, who announced Walker’s decision without explaining it.
  • Republicans outside of Georgia have been quick to condemn both Greene and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, who also participated in the event.
  • On CNN, Republican Senator Mitt Romney said, “Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, I don’t know them, but I’ve got morons on my team. And I have to think anybody that would sit down with white nationalists at their conference was certainly missing a few IQ points.”

WJCL, Savannah: “We reached out to [Walker’s] camp, but have yet to hear back.”

  • WJCL Anchor: Many Republicans are speaking out against representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after she spoke at a white nationalist, pro-Putin rally where attendees cheered for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 
  • We reached out to [Walker’s] camp, but have yet to hear back.

Walker pulls out of Marjorie Greene event after she spoke at pro-Putin rally

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/1/22

  • Walker had planned to speak at Greene’s “Second Amendment and Freedom Rally” in Rome on Saturday alongside U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, strategist Stephen Bannon and other far-right figures.
  • But his campaign told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday that he will no longer participate in the rally, which was to promote a gun rights expansion in Georgia.

Read more on the extensive ties between Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene here.


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