“WALKER: NOT FOR GEORGIA”: Georgia Leaders, Voters Condemn Walker For Receiving a Tax Exemption in Texas While Running for Senate in Georgia

November 30, 2022

Today, Georgia leaders and voters held a press conference discussing the new bombshell report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that revealed state investigators are being urged “to probe whether Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker violated the law by receiving a tax break on his Texas home meant for primary residents of that state even as he runs for federal office in Georgia.”

Speakers discussed how Herschel Walker taking the homestead tax exemption in Texas while running for Senate in Georgia is the latest in a pattern of lies and disturbing conduct that proves that he is not fit to serve Georgia in the U.S. Senate. They also encouraged voters to make a plan to vote early while early voting is available in every Georgia country from now through December 2. 

Watch a livestream of the press conference HERE

“I’ve been a public servant for some time, and while this may seem controversial, there’s one thing I’ve learned – it helps to live in the place you want to represent,” said State Representative Betsy Holland (HD-54). Last week, we all learned that Herschel Walker has been receiving a tax break on his three million dollar Texas home intended only for primary residents, despite running for Senate here in Georgia. Walker took that tax break in 2021 and 2022 after announcing his candidacy.”

“Herschel Walker has not been honest with Georgians about where his home is. He tried to game the system, and he’s gotten caught,” said State Representative Dewey McClain (HD-100). “The choice is clear, Georgia: we’ve got to re-elect Reverend Warnock, who has a record of bringing down costs, addressing supply chain issues, and creating good-paying jobs that sustain Georgia families — in other words, actually working for Georgians instead of lying to them.” 

“After these bombshell reports, Georgians across this state are left with some serious questions for Walker: did he break the law when he registered to vote and run here, despite claiming another state as his primary residence? Does he intend to live permanently in Georgia or not? And above all, why on earth is Herschel Walker running to represent Georgia if he doesn’t even consider it home?” said State Senator Nan Orrock (SD-36). “Instead of being accountable to Georgians and giving them the answers they deserve, Walker is dodging and hiding. Since Walker clearly cannot or won’t answer these questions himself, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation should get answers for Georgians.”

“This is not about Democrat or Republican. It’s about who’s right for Georgia, and who’s wrong for Georgia. Herschel Walker is wrong for Georgia,” said State Senator-Elect Josh McLaurin (SD-14). 


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