Walker Comes Out Against Gas Tax Suspension — Again

June 22, 2022

Herschel Walker has once again come out against the suspension of a federal gas tax. His latest change of position follows one of Walker’s worst weeks yet

March 7, 2022: Walker opposes suspending the federal gas tax.

Associated Press: “I’m thinking about debating Raphael Warnock, because that’s who I need to be debating right now,” Walker said, deriding Warnock’s proposal to cut the federal gas tax as “talking about eliminating stuff to get votes.”

June 8, 2022: Walker tries to walk back criticism of federal gas tax.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Warnock has called for Congress to suspend the federal gas tax and detailed specific measures to bring down the cost of insulin and health care, and to improve supply chain problems to make goods more affordable. “A spokeswoman for Walker said he also supports suspending the federal gas tax.”

June 22, 2022: Walker’s campaign calls gas tax suspension an “election year band-aid.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: And in a tweet, Walker’s campaign manager panned Warnock’s proposal for a federal gas tax suspension as “an election year band-aid that would barely put a dent in the record prices Georgians are paying at the pump, nothing more.”


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