Walker Attends Another Closed-Door Event As Georgia Republicans Continue to Fret About Walker’s Run, “Where He Stands On The Issues”

October 13, 2021

Tonight, Herschel Walker will join a closed-door conservative panel hosted by radio host Hugh Hewitt under a cloud of criticism from Georgia Republicans for not answering basic questions and sticking to a “largely behind closed doors” campaign throughout his first 50 days in the race. 

Walker’s “pattern of staying mum on most key issues” and his avoidance of “voters who may have questions,” — opting instead for “tightly controlled events” like private fundraisers with high-dollar conservative donors — has left many Georgia Republicans frustrated.

By running a closed-door campaign, Walker can avoid tough questions about his unwavering support for President Trump and harmful policies like opposing tax cuts for middle-class Georgians, ripping away health care coverage for Georgians with pre-existing conditions, and refusing to support an infrastructure plan that would create jobs in Georgia. 


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