Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene May Have Violated Federal Election Laws Together

October 27, 2021

Walker’s second potential campaign finance violation in two months since entering the race

Today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Trump’s hand-picked candidate Herschel Walker and January 6th insurrection conspirator Marjorie Taylor Greene may have violated federal election law together. Greene appears to have given “excessive and unreported in-kind contributions” to Walker’s campaign — thousands of dollars beyond the limit allowed by federal law.

Soon after announcing his candidacy, OpenSecrets detailed how Walker’s campaign “has deep financial ties to…controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene,” sharing multiple agents who play key roles in their campaigns’ financial operations. Greene’s early political and financial support for Walker has already factored into the race — she was one of Walker’s earliest endorsers, frequently defended him in the face of GOP concerns about his candidacy, and donated thousands of dollars to his primary campaign last month. 

A formal complaint has been filed with the FEC requesting a swift investigation into the “blatant disregard of [FEC] rules and federal law” by Walker, Greene, and their shared campaign apparatuses. This is Walker’s second potential campaign finance violation in just over two months since entering the GOP Senate primary. In August, 11Alive reported that Walker began the race with a potential violation of federal election law by “spending money as a political candidate before filing required paperwork declaring his candidacy.” 

Read more on the extensive ties between Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene here.


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