NEW VIDEO: Democratic Party of Georgia’s Voter Protection Hotline Fights for Georgia Voters

October 16, 2018

Georgians Can Call 888-730-5816 For Any Questions About Their Voting

ATLANTA—On the second day of in-person early voting, the Democratic Party of Georgia released a new video highlighting the work of our Voter Protection Hotline, where volunteers assist voters one-by-one to be able cast their ballots and have their ballots counted.

The video highlights three of the 180 trained volunteers that staff the voter protection hotline. Hotline volunteers talk to hundreds of voters every day, working overtime to ensure that Georgians understand their rights and have all the resources they need to cast their ballot, whether it’s through vote-by-mail, in-person early voting, or on Election Day.

“We are incredibly proud of our voter protection hotline’s efforts to help Georgia voters cast their ballots,” said Rebecca DeHart, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “This is the only operation of its kind in Georgia history, and our volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that every eligible Georgian is able to exercise their right to vote.”

The Democratic Party of Georgia was the first state party in the country to hire a full-time, permanent voter protection director. The 24/7 voter protection hotline opened in March 2018. The hotline was featured on CNN this week.

Georgia voters can reach the hotline by calling 888-730-5816.

The video is available here.

Here’s what the volunteers had to say:

Suzan Kaupferberg: I am getting calls from all over Georgia. Many moms that have several adult children that want to make sure everyone in their household votes, we go through every single person’s registration, we make sure they’re right and everything is up to date.

Toni Smith: If you call, we’re here to answer. We’re here to help you make sure your voting rights are protected. It’s very important starting Monday that people go to the polls and vote and not allow themselves to be turned away.

Suzan Kaupferberg: We all are very anxious and very distraught about what’s going on and this seemed to be a way to maximize the possibilities of making change.

Robin Cowart: I think it is hugely beneficial given the people that I have talked to. There’s so many people who wanted to vote early, were leaving town, had questions about where to vote, how to get an absentee ballot. Any of those questions that they had that might keep them from voting. We are very informed and we were giving them all the information they needed, and they were clearly, clearly more knowledgeable once we had spoken with them.

Early voting started Monday, October 15. Visit for more information.



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