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Registration Resources

How to Register To Vote Using the Paper Registration Form (한국어)
Paper Registration Application
How to Register to Vote Online (한국어)
How to Update Your Voter Registration Online (한국어)
How to Confirm Your Voter Registration Using My Voter Page (한국어)
Required ID for Newly Registered Voters

Absentee Voting Resources (Vote by Mail)

Online Ballot Request Tool
FAQ: Absentee Voting

Requesting the Ballot

Official Absentee Ballot Request Form
How to Request an Absentee Ballot Using the Paper Application (한국어)
Video: How to Request an Absentee Ballot Using the Paper Application
How Do I Submit My Paper Absentee Ballot Request
Track Your Absentee Ballot Application Status (한국어)
How to Fix Absentee Ballot Application Issues (한국어)

Completing and Submitting your Absentee Ballot

Video: Tips for Completing Your Ballot
How to Sign Your Absentee Ballot
How Do I Return My Absentee Ballot (한국어)
Drop Box Locations
County Registrar Contact Information
Track Your Absentee Ballot Status (한국어)

Curing Your Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot Cure Instructions (한국어)
Absentee Ballot Cure Affidavit

In Person Voting Resources

List of Photo IDs for Voting at the Polls
Early Voting Locations Locator Tool
Election Day Poll Locator Tool

Provisional Ballot Resources

Provisional Ballot Scenarios
Should I Vote a Provisional Ballot?
How to Cure a Provisional Ballot

Other Resources

Important Dates

FAQS: Voting during a Pandemic

I am a student.
I am a naturalized citizen
I was convicted of a felony
I don’t speak English
I am in the military/live overseas
I need help at the polls

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