Volunteer Role Description

County Democratic Committees are the primary point of contact between the Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party and are often the entry point for Democratic activists and candidates. County Committees in Georgia are chartered as volunteer resources are available. Currently the Party is rebuilding its county committee network, particularly in counties with small populations, to ensure that Democrats in every area of the state have a voice in the electoral process.

Duties of County Committees include: 

Electing State Committee Members; promoting Party development; recruiting qualified candidates for public office; supporting Democratic nominees; qualifying Democratic candidates for county office; and performing such primary and election functions as are required by law at the County level.

County Committees, may raise funds for the above purposes and like all Democratic Committees, they rely primarily on financial donations and volunteer support to enable their work. In addition to their official duties, each County Committee engages in activities that best suit the needs of their local community, as determined by their officers and membership.

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