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October 18, 2014

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Meet Georgia Democrats’ Candidate for State School Superintendent – Valarie Wilson


“Valarie Wilson is hands-down the most qualified person for the job of State School Superintendent,” says DPG Chairman DuBose Porter. “Her experience and ability to reach across the aisle will make her one of the most effective statewide officials to ever serve Georgia.”


At recent debate, Valarie clearly outshined her opponent. Here are just a few statements detailing what she stands for.


“I’ve spent my career working across partisan lines to ensure that our children are provided with the best quality education.”


On high school graduation rates, Valarie said “I think it’s important that we provide wraparound services that address the whole child and that we are sure that we are meeting their needs when they come into our classrooms.”


“I also think it’s important that we reach our children early,” added Wilson. “If we get to them early and on grade level, there’s a higher chance that those children will complete school and graduate.”


In her closing statement, Valarie said “I have the business experience of managing one of the largest departments in Fulton County, with one of the largest budgets and largest staff. I also managed a multi-million dollar non-profit entity. But I also have the education experience. I led the city schools of Decatur as its chair for seven of my twelve years on that board and we turned the school system around and allowed for it to be successful without teacher furloughs or increasing class sizes. It’s important that whoever is your next state school superintendent is laser-focused on doing what’s best for children.”


Valarie’s experience and work ethic is exactly what is needed at the Georgia Department of Education. She has a proven record of bringing together students, parents, and educators to best prepare Georgia’s children for the future.


Valarie joined the school board of the City Schools of Decatur in 2002 and became the moving force behind the establishment of the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center, acting on research that shows that early childhood education is critical to success in the K-12 years.


As Board Chair from 2005-2011, Valarie helped to turn around the finances of the district. Through a forceful—if sometimes painful—reorganization, the district was able to move forward with no teacher furloughs or shortening of the school year. Valarie joined the Georgia School Boards Association in 2009 and was its president in 2012-2013.


Valarie is currently Executive Director of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, Inc. Previously she was Director of the Human Services Department in Fulton County, responsible for an annual budget of $26 million and directing programs that serve the elderly, children and youth. She has also been Director of Fulton County’s Office of Aging.


A native of Swainsboro, Georgia, Valarie is a graduate of Clark College and completed graduate studies in public administration at Troy State University. She now lives in Decatur with her husband, Carter, and son, Nicholas.


Find Val online at, like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter.


Early voting is currently underway. Find your nearest early voting location here, then lock in your vote for Valarie Wilson and the other great Democratic candidates on the ballot.

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