VIDEO: Georgia Democrats, Biden for President Respond to Chaotic, Corrupt RNC Convention

August 28, 2020

This morning, Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) Chairwoman Nikema Williams was joined by Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jon Ossoff, Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan, and Georgia State Representatives Calvin Smyre, Matthew Wilson, and Brenda Lopez Romero, for a virtual press conference to condemn Donald Trump’s corrupt Republican National Convention, and discuss how Trump has failed to address the very real crises facing our country. 

Video of the virtual press conference can be viewed here

Among the points discussed on the call: 

  • The last four days showed exactly how disconnected Donald Trump and the Republican Party are from the lives of everyday Georgians. 
  • The RNC failed to address the serious crises facing Americans today, including the more than 180,000 Americans and 5,100 Georgians that have died from the coronavirus pandemic, which Trump has made far worse. 
  • Republicans ignored the economic crisis that has caused record job loss and unemployment for Georgia and the country, including over 3 million Georgians who have applied for unemployment. 
  • The RNC made no attempt to address racial injustice or Jacob Blake and Kenosha Wisconsin, where two people were killed because of white supremacist violence that Trump’s rhetoric encouraged. 
  • Trump’s attempts to use his convention as a smokescreen covering up his record as President failed — vulnerable communities like the LGBTQ community, Latino community, and Black community know how Trump has endangered them, and will turn out to vote in record numbers. 
  • Donald Trump still has no plan to defeat the coronavirus, and no plan to build our country back better, or any care for working families struggling to make ends meet. He is incapable of meeting this moment. 
  • Unlike Trump, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ready to bring this country together to solve these crises — not tear us apart. Their leadership is what we need to get control of this virus, rescue the economy, tackle systemic racism, and act on climate change. They’re ready to get to work on day one to build this country back better than before, for all of us. 
  • Biden for President is investing significantly in winning Georgia, and has activated thousands of volunteers across the state. Throughout the DNC convention, the campaign hosted hundreds of virtual watch parties in Georgia, which has turned into significant volunteer activism and voter contact. 


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