VIDEO: Georgia Business Owners and Workers Hold Press Conference Calling Out Herschel Walker For Lying About His Failed Business Record

March 15, 2022

Today, Georgia business leaders and workers held a virtual press conference calling out Herschel Walker for lying about his failed business record and showing Georgians he’s unfit for public office. A new deep-dive investigation from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution uncovered a “string of defaults,” “court records and other public documents contradict[ing] statements Walker has made,” and millions in unpaid loans in Walker’s record. Speakers highlighted how this is just the latest in a long line of credibility issues from the Trump-tapped candidate.

Watch a video of the press conference here, and see quotes from speakers below.

“If Herschel Walker wants us to judge his ability to be a Senator on his business record, then based on this new reporting, he has no business in the United States Senate. Walker’s record is full of lies, lawsuits, and allegations of failure to repay millions of dollars in loans.” said Steve Floyd, a Georgia small business owner. “As a business owner myself, I think this is shameless behavior. If I operated my business like this, I wouldn’t expect a single partner, client, or employee to trust me in a position of power. I think most business owners and workers — and frankly most Georgians — would agree.”

“No leader should ever conduct themselves the way Herschel Walker has as a businessman, and I’d have a hard time thinking of ways I could justify to anyone why someone like him, who operates so unethically and undercuts his own credibility at every turn, belongs in public office,” said Anthony Michael Kreis, an academic of political science and constitutional law. “This is a time where we need cool heads and thoughtful leaders like Senator Warnock. We cannot afford someone who has demonstrated an inability to make good decisions, time and time again, representing us in the U.S. Senate. That’s the inability Herschel Walker has shown us — and we’d be wise to remember it.”

“Herschel Walker doesn’t have a record in government, he’s got a record in business. And from what I’ve read and heard, this man basically tells lies about how many employees he has…ridiculed other companies for taking PPP loans and he took them himself, and passed blame for all of his mistakes to somebody else,” said Edgar Allen, a CWA Union Worker. “Herschel Walker has no business in the halls of Congress. If Walker is willing to sell out struggling workers during a pandemic, imagine what he would do for us here in Georgia — he’d sell us out. I don’t trust Herschel Walker. He’s not the man for me.”


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