VIDEO RELEASE: Cagle, Kemp Call Each Other Untrustworthy, Democratic Party of Georgia Agrees

July 17, 2018

Cagle, Kemp Hit the Nail on the Head: Georgia Voters Can’t Trust Either of Them

GEORGIA — Today, one week from the Republican Gubernatorial election, the Democratic Party of Georgia releases two videos, one featuring Casey Cagle and one featuring Brian Kemp, in which each calls out the other for being untrustworthy and unfit to be the next Governor of the state of Georgia.

Casey Cagle was recently caught on tape admitting that he put politics over policy and saying that the primary felt like it would go to who could be the “craziest”. He has also been plagued by revelations that he bought a condo from a lobbyist below market value and that he and his staff racked up $264,999 dollars in airplane flights on the taxpayer’s dime.

On the other hand, during Brian Kemp’s tenure as Secretary of State, his office was responsible for a reckless data breach in which over 6 million social security numbers were exposed on two separate occasions.  Kemp also defaulted on a loan worth $500,000 and took over $300,000 from people that he regulated as Secretary of State, including from Patrick Greco, former franchisee owner of two Massage Envy clinics. While Greco was owner, his Massage Envy clinics faced at least four complaints of men groping women.

One thing is for certain: Neither Kemp nor Cagle can be trusted to be the next leader for the state of Georgia.

“This much from the Republican debate was clear: Georgia voters cannot trust either Kemp or Cagle to look out for anybody but themselves,” said Georgia Democratic Party Chair DuBose Porter. “With the scandals piling up, Georgia voters are quickly learning that both Cagle and Kemp are too preoccupied with serving their own interests rather than those of everyday Georgians, and certainly ahead of leading our state.”

To view the video featuring Casey Cagle, click here.

To view the video featuring Brian Kemp, click here.

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