UNELECTED & OUT OF TOUCH: Loeffler’s Pledge to Buy Her Senate Seat on Day 1 Kicked Off Out-of-Touch Campaign

December 7, 2020

Atlanta — This week, the Democratic Party of Georgia is marking over one year of unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler’s campaign for Senate with a reminder just how out of touch she is with hardworking Georgia families, starting off with her pledge on Day 1 to buy her Senate seat.

Immediately after Governor* Brian Kemp announced his appointment of Loeffler to the Senate, Loeffler revealed part of the reason why: she was preparing to spend $20 million of her fortune to buy her Senate seat outright after having it temporarily given to her.

Loeffler has continued to dump money into her campaign as she faces collapsing favorability numbers and growing ethical scandals, from her coronavirus stock trading to her multiple conflicts of interest with her business in the Senate. But despite all her millions, Loeffler still can’t spend her way out of negative headlines as the GOP’s “full-blown civil war” continues to engulf her and her struggling campaign.

“From Day 1 of her appointment, Senator Kelly Loeffler wasted no time showing just how out of touch she was with everyday Georgians,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “But no matter how much of her fortune Loeffler throws away, Georgia voters can’t be bought by a special interest-backed political mega-donor.” 


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