Two Big Admissions in Perdue Interview: Not Supporting Loeffler, Opposed Aid for Georgians Impacted by Coronavirus

May 7, 2020

Perdue continues his pattern of looking out for himself (and his special interest backers) before anyone else as Loeffler grows even more toxic

ATLANTA — Senator David Perdue just made two big admissions in a newly released interview with the Marietta Daily Journal:

  1. Perdue is doubling-down on his refusal to back his own Senate colleague Kelly Loeffler as both of them are struggling with the fallout of their coronavirus stock trading scandals, only saying about her: “Kelly Loeffler has been appointed and was sworn in.” Yikes.
  1. Perdue now claims he “personally opposed” critical direct economic relief for Georgians, admitting “that’s a controversial position” — especially since Perdue later promoted that same relief he “personally opposed” after it passed. And even though he opposed direct aid to Georgia families, Perdue still continued to downplay revelations that major companies got funding from small business relief in the same interview.

Perdue’s admissions made two things very clear: he’ll always be there for his big business allies — but not for Georgians who need help — and his Senate colleague Kelly Loeffler’s campaign is so toxic that Perdue won’t risk his own vulnerable seat by backing her.

“It’s almost impressive that David Perdue was able to throw Georgia families and Kelly Loeffler under the bus all in the same interview,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Perdue will always put wealthy corporations and special interests ahead of struggling Georgia families — but Loeffler’s scandalous self-dealing and conflicts of interest are too toxic even for him.”


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