Trump’s Conveniently Scheduled Rally Gives Senator Perdue Cover To Skip Debate With Jon Ossoff Following His Devastating Performance

October 30, 2020

David Perdue infamously “overshadowed” President Trump’s last Georgia rally by derisively mispronouncing Senator Harris’ name, drawing national scrutiny

ATLANTA — Following Senator David Perdue’s devastating performance at Wednesday’s debate with Jon Ossoff, President Trump has swooped into Georgia in a last-ditch effort to rescue Perdue’s flailing campaign, hosting the rally at a time previously scheduled for Perdue’s November 1st debate –– a timely bail-out for Perdue to avoid accountability from Georgians and steer clear of another weak performance. 

Earlier this week, Ossoff slammed Perdue on his failed handling of the coronavirus pandemic and for voting to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which would put critical protections for Georgians with pre-existing conditions at grave risk. 

Perdue’s cancellation of an anticipated debate with Ossoff so he can join Trump’s rally draws renewed attention to the last time Perdue “nearly overshadowed” Trump’s Georgia event by derisively mocking the name of Senator Kamala Harris, sparking intense national scrutiny and fueling a nearly $2 million fundraising surge for Ossoff in the days after.

Clearly reflected in recent polling, Trump’s desperate effort to save Perdue’s losing reelection bid comes as statewide momentum dramatically swings toward Ossoff, further confirming Perdue’s own warning that the state of Georgia “is in play.” 

Washington Republicans are being forced to pump millions of dollars into the election to keep so-called “original outsider” (and actual “establishment player”) Perdue afloat after he rushed to confirm President Trump’s anti-health care Supreme Court pick who could put Georgians’ health care in jeopardy during a pandemic and has refused to take responsibility for his failure to deliver economic relief for Georgia workers and small businesses. 

“Senator Perdue embarrassed himself during this week’s debate because he couldn’t provide Georgians an explanation for downplaying the virus and voting to overturn the Affordable Care Act –– so now he’s skipping the next debate to avoid any accountability,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Time and time again, Georgians have seen Perdue dodge any semblance of accountability for nearly six years, so it’s no surprise he’d rather score political points with another unpopular politician than explain to Georgian families why he’s working to rip away health care.” 


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