Trump Visits Georgia to Taunt Kemp as Nasty GOP Primary Erupts

March 11, 2022

Following reports that Donald Trump will travel to Commerce, Georgia, to hold a campaign rally for David Perdue and to further antagonize Brian Kemp, The Democratic Party of Georgia released the following statement:

“Trump’s increasing involvement in this primary is fueled more by his hatred of Kemp than support for Perdue — now, he’s coming to Kemp’s own backyard to taunt the governor as he continues trying to oust him. The scorched-earth GOP primary distracts from crucial issues impacting Georgians, like access to affordable health care — Commerce is home to one of our state’s rural hospitals that closed during the pandemic. It’s doubtful that Trump or Perdue know, or care, that rural communities have sky-high uninsured rates, closing hospitals, and some of the worst health outcomes in the country,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Commerce, Georgia, is less than a thirty minute drive from Kemp’s hometown of Athens. By hosting a rally in Commerce for Perdue, Trump is further escalating the nasty primary and sending a message to Kemp that he’s coming after him, anytime and anywhere.

Commerce is also home to one of nine rural hospitals that have closed across the state since 2010. In a state where 26 percent of adults in rural communities are uninsured and rural health care infrastructure is crumbling, it’s noteworthy that both Kemp and Perdue oppose expanding Medicaid, which would provide over 500,000 Georgians with access to health care and help rural hospitals stay open.

Trump and Perdue’s focus on attacking Kemp and embracing far-right extreme policies fails to address critical problems Georgians are facing. Read more about the impacts of Medicaid expansion on Georgia’s rural health care here.

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