Trump Still Refuses to Release Tax Returns, yet Touts Tax Breaks for Billionaires at Expense of Georgia Families

August 19, 2016

Atlanta, GA – Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns, breaking decades’ worth of tradition among presidential candidates. While Georgia is left to wonder what exactly Trump is hiding from the public, his plan for repealing the estate tax has paints a pretty clear picture of the billionaire’s priorities.

If Donald is worth $10 billion as he says he is, this tax break would personally benefit Trump $4 billion. Nationwide, this loophole would result in trillions of dollars in tax breaks.

Imagine if Donald Trump’s $4 billion tax windfall was used to invest in the state of Georgia. $4 billion would:

  • Enroll every Georgia 4-year old in publicly funded Pre-K who currently lacks access for the next 21 years. As president, Clinton has made a commitment to ensure that all 4-year olds who lack access to publicly-funded Pre-K have access to high-quality preschool; or,
  • Provide free community college for all Georgia community college students for the next 10 years. As president, Hillary will make tuition-free community college available to all; or,


  • Provide a four-year college degree for 47,000 Georgia veterans. As president, Hillary will strengthen and broaden initiatives that provide educational benefits, job training and support for veteran entrepreneurs; or,


  • Close the average gender pay gap in the state for 490,000 women in Georgia. As president, Hillary Clinton will fight to close the wage gap; or,


  • Allow every Georgia caregiver to claim up to $1,200 tax relief for over two years. As president, Hillary will provide tax relief to Americans that provide some level of care to elderly or disabled family members. She will offer a 20 percent tax credit to help family members offset up to $6,000 in caregiving costs.

“Donald Trump’s economic plan would destroy millions of jobs, putting Georgians’ very livelihoods at risk. Unlike Trump, who’s always been in it for himself, Hillary Clinton has laid out a detailed economic plan that would work for everyone. She’s spent her entire career fighting for the working families and our state needs that kind of proven record to keep our economy moving forward.” – DuBose Porter, Chair


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