Trump can’t spin his years of broken promises to Georgians

July 9, 2020

In response to reports that President Trump will be visiting Atlanta on Wednesday, Georgia Democratitc Party chair Nikema Williams released the following statement:

“During the 2016 campaign, Trump assured voters that he would rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, but that turned out to be yet another broken promise. While Donald Trump desperately attempts to spin his failed record to Georgians,  voters are seeing the devastating effects of his failed record — with more than 16,000 Georgians applying for unemployment just  last week. Georgians see through Trump, and they’re ready for a leader who will actually keep his promises. Georgians are ready to elect Joe Biden.”

AJC’s Greg Bluestein reports

“The visit, Trump’s ninth trip to Georgia since taking office, is the latest sign that Republicans are increasingly concerned about keeping Georgia in the GOP column in November. 

“A spate of polls show Trump deadlocked or trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Georgia, which has voted for a Republican in every presidential election cycle since 1996.

“Democrats far outvoted Republicans in the June primaries, smashing a state turnout record, and Trump’s campaign began reserving TV spots in Georgia and other swing states within the last two weeks. 

So have national GOP groups, which recently announced plans to shell out more than $21 million to defend Republican-held Senate seats in Georgia. 


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