RELEASE: Not One, Not Two, But Three More Ways Brian Kemp is Not Doing His Job… And That’s Just the Last 72 Hours…

September 1, 2018

ATLANTA – In just the last few days, a trio of negative stories demonstrated yet again that Brian Kemp has failed to do his job as Secretary of State.

First, the AJC reported that Brian Kemp has failed to resolve a decade-long border dispute, angering many residents in Monroe County, where local taxpayers have had to foot the bill in an attempt to resolve the dispute amid Kemp’s inaction.

The AJC then reported that scores of polling locations across the state have closed under Kemp’s watch.

The number is 214, for anyone who is counting. (Brian Kemp isn’t. In fact, his office was unaware of the extent of the closures, according to the AJC.)

BuzzFeed reported yet another disturbing example of Brian Kemp not doing his job, adding to the AJC’s report last week. Shamefully, Kemp’s office has restricted access to critical voting information to Georgians living outside the United States, including members of the military. Georgians serving our country overseas, for instance, are currently unable to check the status of their voter registration.

Brian Kemp needs to resign.

In the meantime, voters across Georgia, Georgians serving in our military, Georgia’s military families and civilian Georgians living abroad can contact the Democratic Party of Georgia’s voter protection hotline at 1- 888-730-5816


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