Things an “Outsider” Does: Perdue Skipped Critical Hearing on Military Housing to Attend Big Donor Event

June 15, 2020

Self-proclaimed “outsider” Perdue put big donors ahead of his Senate duties, skipping key hearing on poor housing conditions for military families 

ATLANTA — Senator David Perdue wants Georgians to think he’s a political “outsider,” but after six years in Washington looking out for special interests, he’s anything but. This week, the Democratic Party of Georgia is ready to highlight things this supposed “outsider” has done over his six years in Washington — beginning with his record of prioritizing big donors over military families.

A recent 11 Alive report revealed that last year Senator David Perdue skipped a critical oversight hearing focused on the poor housing conditions at bases like Georgia’s Fort Benning to attend a high-dollar donor meeting, putting his big campaign contributors ahead of servicemembers and their families.

Instead of prioritizing military families and their concerns, self-proclaimed “outsider” Perdue was too busy meeting with big donors who were “buying access” to bother attending this critical hearing — and was the only sub-committee member to be absent. But for Perdue, his wealthy and special interest backers will always come before Georgia families.

“Senator David Perdue likes to claim he’s an ‘outsider,’ but his record shows just how much of a Washington insider he really is,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of working for Georgia servicemembers, Senator Perdue put his big donors ahead of doing his job in the Senate. Hobnobbing with wealthy special interest backers while military families need help is about as far from being an ‘outsider’ as you can get.”


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